Job Offers


We are looking for registered medical/ practical carer in Alzey, Ludwigshafen, Konken,  Frankenthal, Kaiserslautern, Mannheim, St.Wendel, Worms, Gimbsheim, Mainz and Wiesbaden !


In full-time, part-time and up to 450 € basis.

We support people in the non-hospital intensive care in a family atmosphere at home and in our special Residential Communities.


You have no experience in the respiratory care?

You will be prepared in our special internal and external training and through an intensive training!

Our staff expected a salary of EUR 2.450 gross after the trial period.

Taking charges of costs for technical developments of at least 50%.

Team Leader (s) get a premium of EUR 200,00 per month.


26 days holiday ( for all employees ) 1 day extra per year.



..... Regular team meetings and employee-breakfasts.


You are deployed nearby!